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The Indian Institute of Jewelry Manufacturing has a total of 3500 sq. ft. institute located in a posh area of Ahmedabad city, Gujarat. With the ample space to work and study we have built individual classrooms for all courses making students feel free and comfortable while learning and practicing.

The institute has individual air-conditioned classrooms for different courses and activities. The institute contains all the facilities and luxury that are needed to make an institute feel like home to the candidates. A placement cell is also built to keep the record of the students that are placed in jobs after learning the course.

IIJM has a library which contains various magazines of gems and jewelry sector. This magazine gives knowledge to the students about the jewelry world and recent trends in jewelry industries. We are looking forward to expand this library by adding the Gems & Jewelry books which will help the candidates learn better and perform better in their field of work.

IIJM is located in one of the posh areas of Ahmedabad called Vastrapur. There is the availability of AMTS and BRTS Bus service to reach the institute and great road connectivity. The upcoming metro railway in Ahmedabad is nearly 0.5 kilometer from the institute. So students will not face any difficulty in transportation. Our location is also available in Google Maps.

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