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Director’s Memorandum

Mr. Chandresh Soni the director of the institute has a working experience of 20 years in the field of Gems and Jewelry Industry. He is ambitious and works with alacrity to satisfy the customers’ needs. He believes in delivering world class education and also the fact that apprentice satisfaction is the pathway to success.

Under his roof, the company has grown tremendously. Along with his dreams, he aspires to nurture the future of Jewelry Industry. His positive perception towards his contenders leads him the prodigy he is today. He has lived by the metaphorical ideology, ‘Every diamond was once a rock, all it needs is some polishing.’ in all these years.

He has always tried to bring up best from the students and bump up their creativity. He has accomplished in appointing the best panel of faculties in the institution for the students. The personality has always motivated the students and encouraged them to come up and give their best in Gems and Jewelry Industry.

Mr Chandresh Soni