Director's Desk

Mr. Chandresh Soni


Dear Friends,

As being the jeweler and belonging from a goldsmith background, I have dedicated my 20 years in this Sparkling Industry of Gems & Jewelry. During this time span I have noticed that this industry can provide us with a huge platform to make our career bright & sparkling, I have also noticed that the price of gold is increasing day by day and even the rise in gold price, has never effected the demand for jewelry, and on same hand demand for jewelry is also increasing…!! and it will go up and up.

Gems & Jewelry sector plays an important role in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of our country. But somewhere this industry is facing a problem, as it is running in an unorganized manner of production and manufacturing process since a long time, which has proved as a hedge for the jewelers and people who are involved in gems and jewelry sector. So it is necessary to re-organize the working system, by providing skilled people to the jewelry sector.

And the govt. of India have also started their efforts to upraise this industry, under skill India program, and expecting more than 40 lakh skilled people till 2020.

It is observed that there is still lack of awareness regarding the technical upgradation and modernization in Gems & Jewelry Sector. In 2008 our company Jewel Cast & Techno came into existence with only one vision to work in an organized manner, by adopting the current trends, latest technology & new techniques, so that proper outcomes can be achieved. And in the year 2014 Indian Institute of Jewelry Manufacturing a sub unit of Jewel Cast & Techno came intoexistence with the vision to provide skilled people to the industry.

By giving proper guidance, knowledge and practical training to each and every individual who wants to make their shiny career in gems and jewelry sector, Indian Institute of Jewelry Manufacturing is making the way clear to achieve their goals.

Some of you will have a question in your mind that, what is the future of jewelry industry and what are the scopes for individual in this sector…??

Well in that case I will say that the future of Gems & Jewelry industry is luminous, sparkling & Glamorous. The shine of this industry will never fade. And the scope for individual is that, one can choose his/her career bydeciding what he/she wants to become…? A Jewelry manufacturer, Jewelry manual designer, Jewelry CAD designer or a Diamond grader. Choice is yours….!!!!

All I wish is a bright career to the Students and encourage them to follow their dreams and do what gives a rush to your adrenaline.

Chandresh Soni