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Jewelry Designing Manual

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Welcome to Indian Institute of Jewelry Manufacturing. Jewelry Manual Designing is a 4 months course designed for the students aspiring to become Jewelry Designer. One will be qualified to sketch 2D Drawings of Jewelry after the completion of the course. Technicalities and the creative aspects, we focus on both keeping in mind the need of the industry. The individual at work uses stationery and measuring tools to create a range of basic jewelry design by hand.

Personal Attributes

The job requires the individual to have:

  • Hand-eye-coordination
  • Creative thought process
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to present designs made and work in a sitting position.


  • Be the first student
  • Language: English, Hindi and Gujarati
  • Skill level: Above 10th Standard
  • Lectures: 0
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Monday to Friday, Daily 2 hours
  • Curriculam

    Curriculum is designed is a way balancing the theory and the practical aspects.It includes description on what is Design? What is Creativity and how important is it to be creative while designing?Presentation and placement of designs on paper.Importance of textures in designing, different techniques of manufacturing, design principles and its usage.Types of Setting, Styles of Setting, understanding the practical details of jewellery designing also points to be kept in mind while designing jewellery. Different styles of jewellery, different cultures and other types of body jewellery and accessories, study for different jewellery markets, calculation of Diamond weight as per the design, Practical starts with basic shapes like all types of lines, Circle, square, triangle, oval, marquise shapes.Simple Shapes, Curved Shapes with pencil shading, drawing of different techniques used in manufacturing, showing different textures when designing jewellery. Course is included with various kinds of Jewelry likes small tops, earrings,pendants, mangalsutra, long Earrings, Danglers, Zumkas, Ladies Rings, Gents Rings and Cocktail Rings, pendant sets, Bali, Bangles and Bracelets, Necklaces small and heavy.Creating all the categories in Diamond, Antique &Jadtar with colour shading. And course ends with building their own portfolio.

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